Presentics Guide

Getting Started

Pagico Software, Inc.

Welcome to Presentics!

Please tap me to start the slides.
Then, tap the  on the right to advance.


This is the "Slide View", and it's optimized for big screens.
Feel free to connect to a big screen and see how it looks.

Fully "touch-able"

Tap on the icon in the top right corner.

Then, touch anywhere on the screen. You can even use multiple fingers!

More fun with touch

The Pointer and Pen work great with images, too.
Tap on the at the lower left corner to try them out!

Non-Linear Presentation

Slide navigation is super easy.

See those little bars in the lower right corner? Try touching that area. To select a slide, simply swipe left!


You can embed nearly everything. See, this slide has two items attached. Check out the icons at the bottom left corner.

Docs, images, videos, or any web pages.

Are you ready?

Exit the slide mode (tap ), and tap on the icon to play with the Edit mode.